This page collects information about policy engagement activities and National Platform activities, under the strategic guidance of Belay Yazew and Kees Swaans
Most information on the National Platform can also be found on this wiki under thematic areas/approaches > 'Innovation platforms'.

Read the policy engagement strategy (9 pages).

Steering Committee National Platform
- 1st SC meeting
- 2nd SC meeting
- 3rd SC meeting
- 4th SC meeting
- 5th SC meeting

National platform meetings
- 1st national platform report 8 April 2011
- 2nd national platform report 19 Dec 2011
- 3rd national platform report 23-24 July 2012
- 4th national platform meeting 20-21 Feb 2013 (there is no separate report, but see here.
- Regional Stakeholder Dialogue in Bahir Dar 23-24 July 2013 (expected soon)
- End of closure workshop

Learning events
- WAT-A-GAME: a tool for participatory NRM planning at landscape scale
- An open source GIS tool to plan context specific RWM strategies for Ethiopia

Policy engagement strategy, outcomes and continuation of the platform
- Read the policy engagement strategy for 2013 (9 pages)
- Synthesis outcomes engagement strategy (expected Dec 2013)
- Presentation on continuation of National Platform during 5th SC meeting

Key messages emerging from the NBDC
- brief