This overview of related projects taking place in the Nile region was developed in January 2012 but was never updated systematically after that - and is obviously not up-to-date as of February 2014 (date of this writing) since the NBDC is over.
Project name
Objective / focus
Lead organization (managing the project)
Local contact name / contact details
Location / target areas (where is it happening in this region?)
Donor / source of funding
URL for more information
Other comments and observations
Systemwide Livestock Programme (SLP)
  • Building and strengthening links between the crop-, agroforestry-, natural resource-, policy- and livestock-oriented CGIAR centres and programmes, their partners and other stakeholders, to develop integrated and coherent strategic and applied research on livestock feed development and related natural resource management and policies.
  • Influencing the use of CGIAR resources invested in its centres and programmes so as to enhance the conduct of development-oriented livestock research.
Diego Valbuena (
... and Kakamega (Kenya)

A multi-disciplinary international expert team will ssess the effects of a 2 degree rise in temperature on water and energy supply, infrastructure, coasts, tourism, forestry, agriculture, ecosystems services, and health. The project also studies climate change impacts in some of the world’s most vulnerable regions outside Europe: Bangladesh, Africa, and the Maldives.
Potsdam Institute, Germany
Simon Langan
Nile Basin

AFROMAISON will make use of what is available regarding INRM and will contribute to a better integration and fitting of the following key components of INRM at a meso-scale level:*
Landscape functioning (regarding the delivery, use and access to goods and services provided) *
Livelihood & socio-economic development (incl. vulnerability to global change)
  • Indigenous knowledge and practices (to take local traditions, cultural norms, specific acceptance structures into account)
  • Institutional strengthening and improved interaction between sectors, scales and communities.
Antea Group, Belgium
Simon Langan
Fogera (Uganda and Tunisia, Mali, South Africa)

Rethinking water storage for climate change adaptation
Multi-disciplinary research conducted at different scales in the Nile and Volta Basins, to develope methods for evaluating the effectiveness and suitability of a range of water storage types under existing conditions and possible future climate.
Matthew McCartney (
Nile Basin
Project is coming to an end (March 2012) but several publications from the project may come out after his date.