Innovation platforms

Innovation platforms (IPs) have been identified in NBDC phase 2 as major mechanisms to develop and scale up innovations in a spirit of co-creation and with respect to participatory approaches and empowerment of people that usually are not included in the decision-making process. The use of innovation platforms was directly under the supervision of NBDC project 5 on 'Catalyzing platforms for learning, communication and coordination across the projects' with much emphasis on the national level platform, and NBDC project 2 on 'Developing integrated rainwater management strategies' with much emphasis on woreda (district) level platforms. This page keeps track of major activities involving these platforms, including the meeting minutes.

Find also some information on NBDC's work around policy engagement, in relation with the National Platform.

Key outputs on innovation platforms

In other contexts and programs, innovation platforms may also be referred to as 'research for development' (R4D) platforms. In NBDC they were called innovation platforms. Local (woreda) innovation platforms were conceptualized in this project brief: 'What is a local innovation platform' and blogged about in this post: Local innovation platforms for the Nile BDC (June 2011).

Important presentations on the topic of IPs

See some pictures about innovation platforms in the NBDC collection of pictures.

Innovation Funds for IPs

Oiling the wheels of innovation: Seed funds for local innovation platforms (CPWF innovation funds completion report)

Blog posts about innovation platforms (from most to least recent)

The following posts are either dealing with the concept of innovation platforms, experiences with them across the Challenge Program for Water and Food (particularly in relation with events where NBDC staff gave presentations about their experiences) or updates on activities effectively taking place with the innovation platforms in NBDC, either locally or nationally. Find all these NBDC blog posts on innovation systems:

Updates on local IPs:

Updates on national level IP:

Experiences with IPs across CPWF:

Conceptualizing IPs:

Keeping track of local IP activities and meetings

For a while, the NBDC teams (from project N2) kept an Innovation Platform Log to track all meetings, their objectives etc. although over time this was abandoned. However, all meeting minutes etc. are documented below.

General activities for all local IPs

  • Training course "Innovation Platform Facilitation and Participatory Research Approaches" (18-20 March 2013): Schedule and objectives.




Keeping track of national IP activities and meetings

Similarly to the local IP meetings, the NBDC people in charge of the national platform work also started keeping track of activities on a specific page (Documentation of activities around innovation platforms) but it was quickly abandoned and has remained out of date ever since.

Thematic working groups

National Platform on Land and Water Management Steering committee meetings

NBDC 'IP team' meetings

The team in charge of NBDC work with local and national IP meetings organized several meetings to take stock of progress in the different local IPs as well as to discuss some more specific 'thematic' issues. See the minutes below.

Progress meetings

Thematic meetings