Program Documents and Outputs

We can upload and link to internal/non-public or informal documents on this wiki - but try to make documents public if possible.
Most formal documents are published on Mahider
Upcoming documents and publications are available on the publication pipeline.
Considering that the NBDC is now over, this page and the publication pipeline may become out-of-date.

Public Documents

See a list of the most important publications and outputs on the outputs page on the NBDC website.

On Mahider we publish documents for public use (if you need help, contact Bizuwork Mulat in the Addis InfoCenter).

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CPWF Nile BDC outputs

Poster with general introduction to the project (Feb 2011). We have 2 print copies, 1 with Meron, 1 with Tilahun

Posters and presentations on slideshare

Student theses

Students supervised by Teklu Erkossa: Addisu Asfaw Debela, Alemayehu Wudneh, Bamlaku Desalegn, Negassa Bane Biru.

Internal Documents


Conceptual discussions

Documents on the study sites

Documents about a specific study site:
View the study site pages: Diga, Fogera, Jeldu

Inception and Progress reports

Nile 5
December 2010

Nile 4

Nile 3

Nile 2