NBDC Regional Stakeholders DialogueBahir Dar, July 23–24/2013

As part of the NBDC, it is becoming increasingly clear that some of the key challenges and opportunities in rainwater management in the Blue Nile basin are at the regional level. The regional workshop in Bahir Dar is meant to present findings from the NBDC and from other key players with regional and national representatives and discuss challenges and opportunities. The workshop is intended to lead to some kind of consensus on the institutionalization of a regional platform for NRM in the blue Nile.

Experience sharing from NBDC action sites and other projects with regional and national stakeholders

Workshop participants
65 participants: from the three regions and federal level and NBDC staff and guests.
- 45 total: 15 from each region x3- BOA, research, Universities, Abay Basin, projects, decision makers
- 20 Selected participants from federal: Gov, projects, NBDC, NGO, Donors, other regions (Tigray, SNNPR)

Thematic areas for presentation and experience sharing:
  • An overview of NBDC activities in the three pilot sites- Jeldu, Fogera,Diga
  • Major learning from the pilot interventions: tools and practices
  • NBDC messages and their contribution for policy and institutions at regional level
  • Other projects experience: MERET, Dr Gete project, GTZ experience from Tigray and Amhara, SLM experience (BOA Oromia and Amhara)
  • Major challenges in rain water management in the Abay basin: By Abay Basin experts in collaboration with BOA and ARARI (think tank group- From Addis)
  • Institutionalization of Regional NRM platform: Ownership and way forward




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