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We anticipate publications and other outputs stemming from the work will continue to be produced and be listed on this website. Some elements of the work will migrate into other CGIAR research programs.
Innovation platformsZelalem Lema, Josie Tucker, Katherine Snyder and Alan Duncan CG space
Publication name
Derived products
(other publication types,
presentations etc.)
Lead author
Publication Dates: DD/MM/YYYY
a) Started
b) Final draft
c) Shared
d) Edited
e) Submitted
f) published
Other comments
Using the climate forecast system reanalysis as weather input data for watershed models
Hydrological processes
Journal article
Daniel Fuka
Todd Walter, Charlotte MacAlister, Arthur Degaetano, Tammo Steenhuis, Zachary Easton
7 October 2013

Lessons from the Nile Basin Development Challenge Program: An Institutional History
R4D, engagement, partnership, impact and M&E, communication etc.
Policy brief under prep.
Doug Merrey
Kees Swaans, Ewen Le Borgne
CPWF working paper
a) Nov 2013 target)
b) Oct. 2013
July-September 2013
reviewed by Larry H, Myles F
f) 11/11/2013
Oct 2013

Evaluating the downstream implications of planned water resource development, under current and projected future climate in the Ethiopian portion of the Blue Nile
storage, water resources and climate change
Journal article
Michael Menker Girma
Water International
a) Water International
37 (4), 2012
e) 01/12/2012
8/12/2012 McCartney is 1st author

‍‍‍‍‍‍Similarity analysis for the Blue Nile‍‍‍‍‍‍
geo-data, socio-economic layer,
factor analysis
working paper
Catherine Pfeifer
An, Abisalom
Published NBDC Tech Report 3

Hydro economics paper?

Kindie Getnet

90% done should be over in October
Teklu to follow up with Kindie

Integrated innovations and recommendation domains: Paradigm for developing, scaling-out, and targeting rainwater management innovations
Integrated innovations modeling
Journal article
Kindie Getnet, Charlotte McAllister

Ecological economics
f) Now on CG Space
Participation and performance: decentralized planning and implementation of soil and water management in Ethiopia,
performance of RWM planning at local levels
journal article
Katherine Snyder
Eva Ludi, Josie Tucker, Beth Cullen, Alan Duncan
Public Administration and Development
Submitted, waiting decision 10/2013
e) 05/03/2013
Accepted 11/3/14

Determinants of livestock water productivity in mixed crop-livestock systems in the Blue Nile Basin of Ethiopia,
journal article
Ergano, et al
Not listed

submitted to AWM as of Oct 2013
Rejected and being re-worked.
Rejected but revised for Livestock Science imminently (Dec. 2013)
Don P and Doug have reviewed a draft and discussed with Kebebe. Vert promising paper
Participatory Video in Ethiopian context
Participatory video
journal article
Beth Cullen
Gareth Benest (InsightShare)
To be decided
Draft stage,50%
as of Oct 2013

Beth meeting Gareth in Dec. and discuss with him

Based on a discussion Doug had with Beth, she needs time to write
A paper on integrating quantitative and qualitative data on livelihoods in Ethiopia (livelihoods in space and time in the Nile Basin, land degradation and development)
journal article
Katherine Snyder, & Beth Cullen
not specified

Submitted somewhere, not promising as of Oct 2013 [Beth]
Reviewed by editor. Needs to be reworked...
Based on a discussion Doug had with Beth; she needs time to write
A Participatory Approach for Hydro-meteorological Monitoring in the Blue Nile Basin of Ethiopia,
IWMI Research Report (policy brief published)
Birhanu Zemadim
Matthew McCartney, Simon Langan and BharatSharma
Accepted, awaiting authors to finalize-MMc Oct 2013
At layout stage
Hopefully finalised soon
In press - expected Jan. 2014
How tools and processes facilitate farmer – researcher interaction in NBDC,
Preliminary notes
Fergus Sinclair
Not specified

Emailed 11 Oct 2013;he is checking
Alan to chase Fergus
Only preliminary notes someone shared with Doug--has potential
Enhancing Farming System Water Productivity
through Alternative Land Use and Water Management in Vertisol Areas of Ethiopian
Blue Nile Basin (Abay
land use
journal article
T Erkossa
Hailesellassie, McCallister

a) Accepted by AWM as of Oct 2013

d) 11/10/2013

Analysis on flow duration in the Nile

Simon Langan

analysis no draft as of Oct 2013

Ecosystem services and economic effects of land degradation.

Teklu Erkossa & students

In preparation- Teklu 11 Oct 2013
Lots of work still - may not be ready soon... but could be for Humidtropics

Determinants of system productivity

Teklu Erkossa

in preparation- Teklu 11 Oct 2013
Same as above

Happy Strategies Game
participatory learning tool
NBDC Tech. Report
C Pfeiffer
An Notebaert, P Ballantyne
NBDC Tech Rpt 4


Aqueous Productivity: an enhanced productivity indicator for water
journal article
Randall Ritzema

Submitted to Journal of Hydrology
Accepted ( 26 May 2014)

Rhetoric versus Realities: A diagnosis of rainwater management development processes in the Blue Nile Basis of Ethiopia)

Eva Ludi, Alemayehu Belay, Alan Duncan, Katherine Snyder, Josephine Tucker, Beth Cullen
Mathewos Belissa, Temesgen Oljira, Asefa Teferi, Zerihun Nigussie, Andenet Deresse, Mulu Debela, Yazie Chanie, Dagnachew Lule, Dawit Samuel, Zelalem Lema, Abeje Berhanu, Doug Merrey
CPWF R4D series 5


An analysis of power dynamics within innovation platforms for natural resource management

Beth Cullen
Josie Tucker,
Alan Duncan, Katherine Snyder, Zelalem Lema, Aberra Adie, Eva Ludi
Innovation and Development
Abstract submitted
Accepted 21/03/2014

Action research intervention pilot projects: local context matter on effectiveness of IPs

Zelalem Lema
Brihanu Megersa
Elias Damtew
Beth Cullen
Josie Tucker

CPWF: working paper looking for R4D series

Expected by April

Policy process in NBDC

first instance internal report; may decide later whether interesting enough to transform into NBDC report or publication (e.g. on national platform and policy)
Belay Yazew, Kees Swaans

only in his head as of Oct 2013
Will not be published
Only as an option, no priority
Participatory tools (wat-a-game, HS, etc.)

Beth Cullen

will be prepared
Will be prepared (Oct 2013)
Beth going to MTP to work on this in Dec.
BC to update alternative publication related to this
Unlikely to be published
Optional for later
Livestock and fodder interventions from IP work

Beth Cullen

Unlikely to be published

Agent-based modelling on soil conservation

Journal article
Beth Cullen,
Peter Johnson

will be awhile before Peter does this (Oct 2013)
Unlikely to be published

N3 closure report

Closure report
An Notenbaert

Final draft available as of Oct 2013
CPWF to put on knowledge tree + not formally finalised by An

Rainwater management practices database

Lisa Rebelo

Available on this wiki

RIU project on termites

Kees Swaans, Don Peden, Haile, Wollo Uni, Univ of Makerere

Emailed Kees, Don 11 Oct 2013
Kees-not likely in 2013
To be published as part of the livestock-water paper
Several products will be produced, but at least one will be transformed into article (title and schedule should be clear in May
Innovation Platforms, Political Economy and Equity Issues

Working paper
Josie Tucker, Aklilu Amsalu, Beth Cullen, Eva Ludi, Zelalem Lema

a) draft, needs more work (Oct 2013)
b) Expected in late Dec. - hopefully published as CPWF WP
Title will change (JT to update) submitted in the next 2 weeks - expected April

Entry Points to Improve Livestock Water Productivity in Selected Forage Based Livestock Systems
Forage and livestock inputs to water productivity

Amare Haileselassie
Katrien Descheemaeker, Michael Blummel, Peter Craufurd, Kebebe Ergano5
c) copy will be provided by author
Shared for conference IGC 2013
f) Published
Published in International Grassland Congress 2013 Proceedings See the file here
A synthesis of local agro-ecological knowledge on drivers of tree cover change in the Blue Nile Basin: opportunities and constraints to integrating trees in Diga, Fogera and Jeldu Woredas in Ethiopia.
AKT5, Local Knowledge and Integrated Rainwater Management Systems and Strategies
journal article
Genevieve Lammond, Martha Cronin
Fabien Balaguer , Flavia Venturini , Tesfaye Sida and Fergus Sinclair
to be defined
a) Started
Emailed Fergus 11 Oct 2013
Alan to chase

Local agro-ecological knowledge of impacts of land use change on water security: impacts of eucalyptus expansion in the Ethiopian highlands
AKT5, Local Knowledge and Integrated Rainwater Management Systems and Strategies
journal article
Tim Pagella, Martha Cronin
Tesfaye Sida and Fergus Sinclair
to be defined
a) Started
emailed Fergus 11 Oct 2013
Alan to chase

?Livestock-water paper?

Don Peden

Is 'social cooperation' for traditional irrigation while 'technology' is for motor pump irrigation?
Irrigation and cooperation schemes
Journal Article
Mengistu Dessalegn
Doug Merrey
Agricultural water management?

IWMI paper related to NBDC
submitted to AWM jrnl

Dealing with critical challenges in innovation platforms: lessons for facilitation

Kees Swaans, Beth Cullen
A. van Rooyen, A. Adekunle, A. Ngwenya, Zelalem Lema and S. Nederlof
KM4DEV Journal

Navigating power dynamics in innovation platforms: lessons from the Blue Nile Basin, Ethiopia
Innovation platforms
Beth Cullen
Zelalem Lema, Josephine Tucker, Katherine Snyder and Alan Duncan
Agricultural Innovation Systems in Africa e-proceedings

Digital story guidelines
Digital story
Elisabeth Bastemeijer

To be uploaded on CG space

Publication name
Derived products
(other publication types,
presentations etc.)
Lead author
Publication Dates: DD/MM/YYYY
a) Started
b) Final draft
c) Shared
d) Edited
e) Submitted
f) published
Other comments
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