Lead persons: Simon Langan and Alan Duncan

During the NBDC planning meeting in November 2012, the decision was taken to stop working around the five different 'N' projects and instead to focus on one collective vision of achievements, outcomes and outputs to deliver - One NBDC. In the January 2013 team meeting, the NBDC team discussed this further and tasked a small group to come up with a plan to further develop the One NBDC plans that were drafted in November 2012. This page keeps track of the discussions and important milestones that took place around One NBDC until the Challenge was over.
This initiative builds upon the different individual projects that were set up as the pillars of NBDC, including earlier attempts to integrate them and related initiatives: Nile 1 - Nile 2 - Nile 3 - Nile 4- N3-N4 - Nile 5 - Nile 6

Events and discussions related to One NBDC

Before 'One NBDC' became a reality, there were already talks about project interdependency such as between N3 and N4. The following template was encouraged to that effect.

Science integration

Short Description: OneNBDC meetings through the end of January 2013 were primarily focused on synthesizing key messages emanating from NBDC efforts, particularly ahead of the Stakeholder Consultation meeting held in Addis in late February 2013. In addition, there has been a recognized need for greater integration of scientific efforts across the NBDC projects, across disciplines, and across scales to bolster the technical evidence base for the key messages in the final phases of the program, and to assess opportunities for ongoing research. OneNBDC meetings since February have therefore focused on catalyzing the scientific synthesis within the program.

An overview of all the integrated work was compiled by NBDC students and is available here: Overview of NBDC contributions.

Two Emory students (Claudia Langford and Jacob Wood) worked on this science integration in Diga and Fogera.
Their outputs are available here:

Activities and agreements contributing to One NBDC