Action plan – all to happen by June 21 monthly meeting

Kees, Beth, Tilahun, Simon, Charlotte, Catherine, Amanda, An (Pamela and Katherine, apologies)

  1. N3/N2/N4 (Kindie/Teklu) trilateral focus discussion to share ideas about RMS strategies. Working out ways of integrating scaling out/impact assessment with IP work – An to lead. Meeting scheduled for 18th June 2pm. An to distribute agenda in advance. Participants

  2. N3/N4/N2 to talk about how to develop a suite of interventions/strategies – Meeting on May 23rd led by Charlotte. Actions/outcomes to be circulated on yammer (Charlotte).

  3. Update paper about IP’s (local, regional, national), what stage they have reached, what the various roles and responsibilities are, what linkages are in place and which need to be strengthened (Beth (local), Kees (regional/national), Alemayehu, Alan, Josie, Tilahun). Drawing on item 5. Seminar on June 14th at 2pm on local platforms. Drafts on local and regional/national to be shared by end of June. Consolidated internal brief by mid-July.

  4. Develop idea note on scenarios for Nile (Simon, Mulugeta, Charlotte, An). Simon/Mulugeta to draft by Thu 31 May and share with An/Charlotte/Beth/Alan for refinement. To be finalized by June 30.

  5. Focus meeting/ working group N5/N3/N4 about feeding into national platform and overall programme, policy sphere (Participants: Kees, An, Charlotte, Tilahun, Simon, Peter/Ewen). Meeting scheduled for 30th May at 1330. Kees to circulate agenda in advance. One action (led by Tilahun) will be to draw out ideas from each project about how they want to communicate with the wider world.

  6. Meeting to discuss how to strengthen social/livelihood/governance perspectives across programme. Katherine S to share progress with Kindie as soon as possible. Aim is to see how livelihoods perspectives could be brought more strongly into N4 modelling work. Conversation to be started (by e-mail), Charlotte to kick-start. Beth to be part of this including feeding back Volta experiences.

  7. Strengthen gender dimensions across the programme by: circulating gender checklist developed in Volta and Andes – post on Wiki (Pamela). Arrange gender audits, appoint gender point person - Pamela. Review activities and revise if necessary to take account of gender dimension (Pamela). Pamela to circulate some ideas in the next week or so.

  8. Info flow across projects – yammer/wiki. Yammer champion – Aberra – responsible for harvesting snippets across the programme. Tilahun to make it happen.

  9. Standing agenda for monthly meetings. Tilahun to develop draft standing agenda and setting meeting dates for the next 12 months. One in June to review peer assist and review our progress on these actions. Skip July/Aug. Monthly thereafter. Project leaders to remain behind for 30 minutes after.

  10. Data management protocol – Charlotte/Catherine to develop idea note. Make waterportal more widely known – Charlotte/Catherine in consultation with Peter Ballantyne. Tilahun to put on agenda for a future monthly meeting.

  11. Develop action plan to do some course adjustments across projects to ensure we reach our outcomes – Tilahun. Each project to revise workplans for the remainder of the programme. Project leaders meeting before next monthly meeting.

  12. Developing cross-basin interactions. Arrange discussion at future monthly meeting. Tilahun

  13. Summary of reflection meeting (Tilahun). Following action plan to ensure progress - Tilahun.

  14. KAP survey to be shared with N2/N5 – Pamela, imminently.

  15. Sunrise strategies: Amanda and Tilahun to share by the week-end.